This boy was found late Saturday night wandering Goldmine Mountain in Schuylkill (close to Lebanon) county. We have been trying to find his owners and I went to meet him and took him to get scanned for a chip yesterday. Sadly, he does not have a chip that they could find. We will call him Brutus, he is a BIG boy. Quite round. I took my female Siberian's harness with me and had it stretched to capacity and still had to squeeze the poor guy into it. The vet estimated him to be 4-5 years, at the most. I was thinking maybe 6, he is quite robust for a young guy. Very sweet boy, gave kisses, did not jump up, clean teeth, clean ears, allowed me to pick a tick off his eye (in the lash line) without even flinching, sat, gave paw, willingly accepted lots of bear hugs, just a very sweet boy. I did not try to take food from him (I haven't been on an eval with a pro yet so I didn't feel comfortable doing this on my own). He has been kept outside since he was captured because the Good Sam who took him in has two other dogs. This boy did GREAT at the vet's office and walked right in for an exam even though he was not there to get one. He was very loosy goosy with the other dogs in the waiting room, even an obnoxious Wheaton who wanted to eat the Keeshond who was there. His tail didn't stop for a minute and the tongue never went into his mouth. :) We are still contacting different agencies to find his owners, he is so sweet someone must be missing him, but have had no luck. One issue (and this is why he is not at our house now) he killed a opossum on Monday evening. So, I'm guessing a home without cats is in order, we did not want our place to become an all you can eat buffet. If you can foster this boy, please email We can help transport him.